5 Reasons why Mobile Apps is a “Must Have”

Mobile apps are known to be beneficial for small businesses in more ways than one. As apps continue to dominate the mobile web, a market trend study conducted in 2014 suggests that mobile web users spend 86% of their online time using apps.

By having well-designed mobile apps, small businesses are exposed to an entirely new realm of potential customers. Businesses can interact with their clients efficiently and provide a personalized experience, which increases customer loyalty. Mobile apps for businesses are a globally recognized factor for increasing customer engagement, generating repeat business and ultimately increasing a company’s yearly revenue.

Advertising Age reveal the percentage of use of mobile app store.

The Hispanic community for a long tie have the reference of no use of internet, the smartphone revolution changes quickly this perception and now is the ethnic that spend most time on the use of mobile apps.

How businesses are using their mobile apps?

1.- Mobile Apps Drive Repeat Business, how?

Reward customers for their patronage

Send push notifications to remind customers of deals, specials, events, etc.

Loyalty solutions:

  • Digital stamp cards
  • Loyalty reward programs
  • QR coupons
  • In-app promotions / special offers


  1. Generating Revenue

Increase ancillary revenue through in-app purchases

Revenue generating solutions:

  • Mobile food ordering
  • Mobile shopping carts
  • Mobile reservation system


  1. Increased Customer Engagement
  • Setup geolocation based push notifications to interact with customers when they’re near your business
  • Send targeted push notifications to specific user groups
  • Publish in-app messages to your customers


4.- Reach your customers where they are

  • We live in a society where people are ALWAYS on their phones
  • Put your business in front of customers multiple times per day
  • People will always choose the path of least resistance to interact with your business, a mobile app is the easiest way to interact with you


  1. Affordability
  • In the past, a mobile app would cost upwards of +$50,000 to develop
  • Previously, only large brands / corporations could afford an app
  • No longer! We’ve democratized mobile app development so every business can have one!


As advertising technology evolve, having direct contact with customers will get more complicated, a mobile app will give an extra advantage of stay as a primary option in their purchase decision


Monthly mobile app usage frequency as of 4th quarter 2015, by category




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