Sabotaging your Advertising Campaign?


let’s talk about you master idea of let’s do a “Trial period advertising campaign”

As, usual you’re thinking of trying a media outlet to see the results. Sometimes you give it a month or 3-month period to see if it works. However, you need to have a clear understanding that, an Advertising Campaign is a process, not an event.  Yes, there is always exception to the rules but, I’m sure, it’s not your case.  What are the expectations you are looking for? Do you really you will make your money back in 3 months trial period?, or you may be hopping break even, isn’t?


Special sales that happens one time a year, and if your customer misses it, he really missed it. However, it is the situations don’t advertise for a month. With a 3-frequency strategy go big, by 8 to 10.

Second, concert or festival “special event” but like, I said, if you want good results think more than a 3-month campaign. Somebody invented the Three-month advertising campaign period to sell it, putting in perspective a minimal risk to the advertisers if you advertise for a month, what really are you expecting?

Make your money back? Now, what if this happens? Are you done? No, RIGHT? Let’s say you had success in the first month with your advertising campaign. You give it another try, a second month. And If the planets are aligned, in your favor you will have, maybe, and just maybe, a 3rd month trial; but guess what? Who really hits the lotto 3 times in a row? Sounds appealing but most likely, it will never happen!!!

So, now you are thinking, well, “I think it doesn’t work”, “I have tried for three months and nothing has happened.”  You did not make your money back in that three month of the advertising campaign. Now, 2 things will happen after this: (1) You will retreat from your advertising goal, blame the station or the media outlets, for your failure & become the king of “word of mouth”, and use that as your strategy   (2) Or try a different station; “Do the same ”, the same kind of trial advertising campaign, and fail once again. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, is called, “Insanity”.

Once again, you lay fault and blame on the media outlet you chose, and say, “It doesn’t work!”. Maybe this time you blame the media sales guys.

Now, you have to resort to asking a colleague, that has over 20 years experience in the market with a single location; plus, with a company that makes over a million dollars a year… in an industry of 17 Billion a year.

I know, what you may be thinking you don’t have a big budget; that is how this works; I don’t want to be too “BIG”.

All, those are excuses of the poor decisions in your Advertising Campaign. You really don’t want to be “SMALL”? Do you? Seriously, why would you want to be, “SMALL”? So, you could struggle every quarter and hope to make it the long term?

Not have enough money? When have limited advertising budget, creativity can save you, but do not come with the audacity of advertise, such as,  “ I been in business for 25 years”,  “We have Competitive Prices” and the most useless phrase in advertising, “ I have  the best customer service.”  Hold on, I think there is one more…, how about, “ We will treat you like family.”

If you are thinking this way, you probably still use: direct mail, flyers, and word of mouth as a main media outlet for your advertising campaign, right?

Nothing wrong with this media outlets but they do have the less ROI so far. If you have problem adapting to new ideas, technology or to other media outlets; you have a bigger problem on your hands; because you just don’t get your full business potential, you’re also running behind and about to die; slowly and painfully. Yes, it sounds harsh but in business, you may know this, by now. In Business there’s no mercy, no matter what industry you are in. There will always be a competitors working 24/7 and willing to take your customers base.


Advertising campaigns are emotionally created and strategically executed. Research, Learn and Inform yourself, before your next advertising campaign move.

GOOD LUCK, &  feel free to leave any comments.

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