Strategy Is The Thinking, And Planning Is The Doing

Your marketing plan is how we are going to achieve your marketing goals for this section. (How) it’s the application of your strategy a roadmap that will guide you from one point to another. The issue is that most businesses try to set out to achieve the HOW without first knowing the WHAT. A successful formula that can be used to further explain the importance on marketing strategy and marketing planning looks like this:
Marketing Strategies

The WHAT has to be done. Inform consumers about the product or service being offered. Inform consumers of differentiation factors.

Marketing Plan

The HOW to do it. Construct a marketing campaigns and promotions that will achieve the WHAT in our strategy.


Taking action to achieve items identified in marketing strategy and marketing plan. This will drive to your SUCCESS in your marketing plan.


If you are preparing your marketing strategy and your marketing plan to go into your business plan these are the components that must go into each section:
External Marketing Message
Internal Positioning Goal
Short Term Goals and Objectives
Long Term Goals and Objectives