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While many of you are familiar with SEO, SEM, SERP, PPC, others don’t know what all the acronyms in this business stand for and are not sure that the internet and online marketing can help them achieve their goals for their business.

Some clients were under the impression that their target market was not accessing the internet to make decisions for particular services/products. This is why we are adamant on describing the difference between the two so that they can know it is an option to integrate within their campaign.

There are now more elements to a successful online marketing program. Among other things, you must regularly update your content and add new content. You must get links to your site from other sites, but it is important to know which sites can help you and which are a waste of your time.

A number one ranking and increased traffic are no longer the only things necessary to declare success. They must be accompanied by increasing conversion rates and sales (or signups, phone calls, downloads or whatever action it is you want your visitors to take).

Search Engine Optimization

Refers to the process of structuring a web site so that it will appear at or near the top of a SERP for your chosen keyword phrases. Involve researching the best keywords to use for your industry.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM encompasses SEO and all the other things you have to do to be successful in online marketing. Growing competition and increased sophistication is no longer enough to choose your keywords used properly within your site.

Search Engine Results Page

SERP take as many as 200 different elements into account when determining how to rank your site, this is why a SEO and SEM strategy is important. The more of these elements you get right, the better you will do.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You may also want to spend some of your SEM budget for PPC which allows you to bid for ranking position among the listings labelled as sponsored. These usually appear above and/or to the right of the regular search results.