Principle of Operation

Over the years, our online video production and television spots became high quality mini-productions. Many viewers sit through between our client’s favorite shows. These are traditional advertisements, which run 15-30-60 seconds, depending on the marketing strategy designed for our clients. We also produce 3 minutes spots or 30 minutes Infomercial; we use popular models and/or celebrity endorsers to create the most creative and effective TV spot; maximizing the impact of the message for our client’s target market.

Our Productions

There are key factors for a great TV spot in order to guarantee the introduction of the service or product of our clients to the Public: Repetition, Association and Trust.
For many small businesses

Radio advertising is actually a far more affordable and effective advertising media. Nothing can beat the impact of a well-written radio ad with a professional voice over, coupled with frequent exposure. A professional Video requiere a professional voice.

Radio commercials

With changes in the radio industry and better production technologies, the mode of commercial presentation has changed, and commercial advertisements can take on a wide range of forms.

Radio Advertising Bureau defines

An endorsement is “A commercial in which the program personality recommends an advertiser’s product or service, often done live during the program.”

Audio and Video Production

We can help your business generate more traffic, generate more sales and increase your profit. Isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place?. Our creative team will match your message with your video and audio projects.

TV and Digital Commercials

A video production is done to get an immediate and direct response from the viewer and are frequently produced depending all you want and need. Our Creative department, will meet with you and help you from the story board creation till the shooting day. We really create a growth of your business, whatever you offer as product and service.

Relationship between Audience and Message

Studies show that live reads have ‘Recall’ and ‘Response’ rates higher than the typical recorded spot. and Social Media video have 85% more viewers compared with a regular post