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Sergio Terreros

C.E.O. / President

Companies are struggling when becomes to target the Hispanic market almost 95% percent of all new business will fail making the Hispanic marketing plan for their companies. Sergio Terreros understand that reaching this moving target takes more than knowledge the Hispanic Market has to be targeted culturally.

Sergio Terreros is an Entrepreneur, Sales Trainer, Creative and Dedicated hard worker for his Clients and Associates.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico. Sergio Terreros started school in Monterrey, and went on to complete school in United States. As a young man Sergio was amazed how some people could amass wealth or success so quickly while the majority struggle to survive. His curiosity and creative put him in the Advertising and Marketing Field. Surprisingly, he found, age, gender, race, history, education or even the ability to speak English did not determine ones ability to be “Successful.”

“Where others see limitation i see advantage, that’s why as 1st Hispanic Generation i can provide my clients the right method to target this booming market.