Join your Audience! Grassroots opportunities 2016

This is a marketing strategy that goes in the reverse direction. Conventionally, advertisements are sent as a message through regular channels and it is expected that the message will peculate through the audience from top to bottom. But for grass root marketing, the reverse is the case. Instead of broadcasting your message in hopes that it will appeal to your audience, you target small groups, informing them about product and services and hope that they will spread the message by themselves to a much larger audience. It is a cost effective marketing method. What you can do in those events?
  • Promote Word of Mouth
  • TV Commercial material
  • Offer Product Samples
  • Take Advantage of Local Community presence
  • Sponsor Prizes for Local Contest
  • Use of Referral Bonuses
  • Increase Social Media interaction
  • Partner With Other Businesses
  • Appear at Local Television
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase database
  • And much more...
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