Why you need Online Marketing?

To talk about online marketing, i would like illustrated it with the next example.

Lets’ say  you hire a person to work with you in your business.

Imagine that person costs you $ 1,000 USD, okay.

You hire it obviously, to help you in your business, with different things, but your objective is that you can cover more work and ultimately earn more money. Okay.

Yes!, get your new employee, you put on a nice outfit, you train it and you have it ready. Then you take it to your company and put it inside a closet.

You do not do anything else with it. From time to time, you open the closet door and look at it. Then you return to your table and look at your results. Nothing.

After six months, you call the person who managed you to hire that employee, and very angry you explain that you have spent money on that person and that is not making you win anything.

This, my friend, is what happens to most companies that have a website “only because everyone have one”, but without having no idea what they can do with the web or how they want to use it.

What is the number one mistake? you may be thinking like this:

“I’m going to get a web page, you have to be on the internet. Something simple (so that they do not charge me much), nice pic of my self. Then a tab that says who we are, we have been in the industry for many years and we are good, our customer is our priority. Also a page with the describing services, what we do and … ah, a page with our phone, right? ”

THAT IS exactly to be on the internet for being. As is. Like millions of corporate websites.

Do you really think that the user and potential customer is going to say, “Oh, what a good company. I do not know anything about them but hey! For them I am the first … I will buy what they offer! ”

That does not happen. And do you know why? Because the internet and people do not work that way.

Now seriously, a web or a blog has to have well defined goals.

A website should be designed and created for something in particular and aligned with your online marketing techniques, which then allows you to get what you want, but from that main goal.

Let’s take a few concrete examples of a web page or blog:
Get a contact form filled out

Get a budget request sent to you

Get them to subscribe to get your name and email

Get them to click on the ads of your web

Get to sell directly on a sales page

Get visibility for your brand, only branding

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