‘Pokémon Go’ Your Business Boost

Pokémon Go, which was released on July 5 exploded in popularity and it is becoming the biggest business boost game in the U.S,

exceeding Twitter in daily active users percentage and doubling the engagement of Snapchat.

Business Insider reports that in the United States ‘Pokémon Go’ has been downloaded more than 7.5 million times across Android Smartphones and iOS. Up to 21 million daily active users around the world are now engage with the mobile app trying to catch virtual Pokémon characters.

Why is this app important to businesses? As users walk around their town to play the game, it’s driving traffic to local businesses presenting great potential for marketing opportunities.

Before we dive into the different ideas that ‘Pokémon Go’ can promote your business, it helps to have a basic understanding of the game.

What is  Pokémon Go?

Once you have installed the App, the game uses your smartphone’s  camera and geolocation  to turn the real world into a game in which you must seek out Pokémon creatures. In this game, local businesses and landmarks turned into  “PokéStops” where players can visit to stock up on free PokéBalls  and “gyms” where the players are able to train their Pokémon for competition and also battle other teams.

Now goes the real question. How can Pokémon Go boost your business?

marketing boostIncense and Lure modules are elements of the game that allow the players to attract Pokémon characters to particular Pokestops. This Lures are sharable so any player in the area who can see your PokéStops on the map will most likely go to your business in search of Pokémon. Businesses trying to have a marketing boost are able to buy Lures within the app, and this Lures are good for 30 minutes.

If this businesses and companies advertise at what time of the day they are going to place the Lure then they will attract other players making them come and catch the Pokémon in their business.

This game has turned once quiet landmarks and neighborhoods into hot spots, so why not encourage these visitors to stoop by your business after hitting the PokéStop? Find the nearest PokéStop to your business and place them in your own and create a promotion around it .

Another great way to promote your business when playing Pokémon Go would be by rewarding the players. Coupons or discounts for game players give the first-time visitors a reason to stay and support your business.

You can also reward the players not just for stopping in but also for spreading the word about your business through social media. You could ask the players to put on social media a hashtag that you create or to check in your business location.

You may also submit your business to be considered as a Pokémon gym or PokéStop on the game makers support page. Although there is not a guarantee that your request will be approved as there is a lot of demand, you will at least draw attention to the lack of playable spaces in your area.

Pokémon Go seems to hold legitimate opportunities for marketers and even if this game turns our to be a popular for a short term it seems like something that can drive concrete business results for some marketers.


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